On a Sunday, when many stores and restaurants are closed, you may wonder what to do in Munich. Though it may take some getting used to, it likely means that your grocery shopping is over by Saturday, giving you Sunday to experience all that Munich has to offer. Here are the best methods for combating the Sunday blues and exploring the city.

Germany’s journey towards more consumer-friendly store hours was long and arduous. For four decades, German consumers were harmed by a 1956 law. German shopping hours and consumers mainly remained unchanged from the 1950s until 1996. During those four decades, stores were only permitted to be open on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and on Saturdays until 2:00 p.m. Once every month, and only during the holiday season, retailers were permitted to remain open two hours later on “long Saturdays.”

Never throughout Sunday

However, one thing has yet to change. Sunday shopping is still prohibited! Although there are exceptions, Sunday remains a day of rest for German shoppers. You must visit a railway station, airport, or gas station convenience store to purchase anything on Sunday.

Hours of operation for stores in Munich

The store’s opening hours vary based on its location and the type of store. Generally, stores are open Monday through Saturday. Smaller stores, such as bakeries, particularly on Saturdays, open relatively early in the morning and may close a bit earlier.

Except for gas stations and bakeries, all stores are closed on Sundays. Generally, the following opening hours apply, although it is up to each store owner to determine how long to remain open.

  • Monday through Saturday, department stores are open from10 am until 8 pm
  • Supermarkets: Mon – Sat8 am – 8 pm
  • Bakeries: Mon – Sat7 am – 6 pm, Sun7 am – 12 pm

Grocery stores, butchers, small shops, etc., have unique operating hours that, for the most part, conform to the schedule below. Please note that this is merely an estimate, and you should confirm with the specific store.

There are several shops at the central station (Hauptbahnhof) and the airport.

Since the conversion of the station’s basement to shops, the Hauptbahnhof has become a shopping oasis, even late at night and on Sundays. There is an Edeka supermarket here open until 11 p.m. daily, a 24-hour Rewe at the S-Bahn mezzanine, and numerous other supermarkets in Munich.

A tiny organic supermarket is also open daily until 9 p.m. at the central train station.

Sunday shopping is also available at the Ostbahnhof (East train station)

Same as at the airport, where two Edeka locations are open every day, including Sundays.

Cafes and bakeries

In Munich, getting fresh rolls on Sunday is a breeze. Sunday bakeries are permitted to be open for three hours between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., most preferring morning hours.

If the bakery has a café, which requires only one table and chair, the venue can sell its wares for a bit longer.

The Leopoldstraße / Hohenzollernstraße location of the Wimmer bakery is open daily from 6 am until 9 pm.

Gas station

When stores close at 6:30 p.m., the gasoline station is always the first stop. You may purchase more than simply chocolate, chips, and last-minute flowers from them. Some have become legitimate mini-supermarkets, including locations on Mittlerer Ring, near the Euroindustriepark, and on the Frankfurter Ring. The Shell gas station on Leopoldstraße, the Aral on Tegernseer Landstraße, and the OMV on Ottobrunner Straße are always open.

Shop for exquisite items in museum stores.

There is nothing to eat here, but those looking for party or birthday gifts will strike gold in the museum stores.

For instance, you can discover something for children in the Deutsches Museum and Verkehrszentrum gift shops, while adults can find precisely what they need in the Lenbachhaus and Pinakothek gift shops. However, an admission ticket is required to enter the Pinakothek der Moderne shop. Simply combine business with pleasure: Sunday admission is only one euro.

Here, for your convenience, is a list:

EDEKA-Ernst Ostbahnhof

The EDEKA-Ernst is conveniently located at the Munich Ostbahnhof train station (near the bus terminal) and is open every day of the year until 11 p.m., making it a wonderful place to pick up last-minute supplies on Sunday.

The store is a good size and well supplied with two floors of products, including a vast selection of beverages; nevertheless, you pay for the convenience, as the prices are (as predicted) more than those of the nearby Lidl and Aldi Süd, which are closed on Sundays.

This is a good supermarket open on Sundays and holidays in Munich.

Dm-Drogerie Markt Ostbahnhof

A 24-hour dm is located in the underground level of Ostbahnhof near Orleansplatz (just above the U4/U5 escalators) and is open daily until 11 p.m.

This is ideal for emergency supplies such as shampoo, detergent, etc., BUT unbeknownst to many, they also keep a large selection of food hidden in the store’s rear room.

There are no fresh vegetables available, but there is a good assortment of frozen pizzas and various Alnatura products.

EDEKA-Ernst Hauptbahnhof

Another EDEKA-Ernst has opened in the heart of Munich, at the basement level of the Munich Central Train Station (across from Mcdonald’s).

This store has a good assortment of foodstuffs, including fresh produce. However, supply on Sunday is typically limited and more expensive than in most supermarkets.

A standout feature is the salad bar and the abundance of takeout/fast food alternatives, such as (unfortunately subpar) sushi and wraps.

Edeka Munich Airport

Last but not least, Edeka is located in Terminal 2 near the MAC Forum, often known as the covered plaza between the two terminals at Munich Airport.

This is a reasonably well-stocked supermarket, given that most customers do not come here to complete their weekly grocery shopping. Suppose you’re not in a hurry (lines can be long! ). In that case, this is an excellent alternative for a supermarket open on Sunday in Munich, especially considering the prices aren’t as exorbitant as you’d think from an airport.